Trinity z Matrixa / Trinity from The Matrix

earth-meditation-1Artykuł o mnie i mojej rodzinie, o tym, że nie umiem oddać wolności i pomagam innym w przeniesieniu się do Nowego Systemu 🙂.

An article about me, my family and about the fact, that I cannot give away freedom. I help others to move to a New System 🙂.,natalia-uzieblo-kiyak-wolnosci-oddac-nie-umiem–552.html


Towards a New System – changing the world for better

5 euros from each session changes life

From every session, whether it is life awareness coaching or personalized meditation, I send 5 euros to Charity Water. It is an organization which builds wells in Africa.

Here you can watch an amazing and inspiring interview with the founder of Charity Water, Scott Harrison.


Apart from that, each coaching moves my client towards his goal. If she changes her life for better, she emanates it around her. Positive change is being spread. If her goal is a business based on heart and passion, she will change the world for better too. The change is geometrical.

Towards A New System

If we move individually to a New System – based on harmony and the heart, the global New System and a change for better is just a matter of time.
Imagine. If enaugh people on Earth will be independent from the old system – based on ego, materialism, competition, money, greed, fear, etc., the old corporations will collapse. Simply not enaugh people will want to eat unhealthy food, buy products feeding our ego, because we will know, from our hearts, what we are really worthy. We are not worthy because we buy a shiny skirt, an expensive watch or go to a popular restaurant. We are worthy simply because we exist. We are worthy because we know that we came from the Source – our Creator, Mother Nature, because we have a Soul which is an ideal reflection of this Creator. We are worthy because we feel. We are worthy because we want t be better and better. We are worthy because… I could write for hours about this for hours, but I will stop here. You know the point.
When enaugh people will realize what You already know, the old system will not survive. We will be choosing politics acting from the heart, instead of those who promise more. Those politicians will finally make peace instead of wars. People will start helping each other instead of being focused on material growth. They will see the injustice in the world, not only the news showing “the other, worse corner of the world”. Compassion will replace egoism. People will want to change the situation. Global village and the new tools in the internet already help in doing this. One of them is Water Charity. It is just an example of the change we can create together. When we grow individually, we also grow Globally. The change is geometrical.


During personalized meditation we work on personal issues and we also send the positive thoughts outside. Our intension is the World Peace, growing awareness of all beings, happiness and abundance for every creature on Earth. Meditation has great power. The positive change can be already observed.

I welcome You and honor You. Join us in the positive change we all can make in the World. Each of us has power, unique talents and experience. All we need is to believe in ourselves and use it for good.

Deep bow,


P.S. If you need help in your journey, I invite You to contact me.