What are the exit door from the matrix?

This is the first number of the “News from a New System”, so it is kind of a historical moment for me :).

In the beginning I would like to share some observations and information with you.
In year 2010, my journey has begun. What I do and this newsletter are the beginning of my coming out of the closet. If you are reading this email, you are on your journey of awakening too, so we understand each other.
It is not easy to tell your acquaintances about this process and in public it is even harder. We were rarely understood before. Thankfully, humanity is waking up to changes inside itself and in the whole system. Informing and communicating with people has become much easier. I see that my surrounding understands what I am talking about. It was not like that before. Do you have similar observations? Year 2016 is a year of changes, coming out from old shells and telling Truth. Let’s not be afraid of speaking up what we feel. If we want changes, let’s talk about it openly.
Another thing is waking up somebody by force. I absolutely do not recommend that. Everybody has his/her own pathway and time. We should respect that. I love one metaphor which goes like this. Let’s behave as if we would be a nurse in a room full of sleeping newborns. Let them sleep and when one of them wakes up, do your best to help it.
Let’s answer when somebody comes to us with a question. Let’s not force anybody to change. This is my advice coming from my personal experience. Thanks to that, we don’t cause anybody’s or our own suffering.
That’s the end of the intro :).

Today I want to tell you about the “exit door” from the old system, so called matrix. If you haven’t watched “The Matrix” movie, don’t wait ;). It is obligatory. If you have watched only the first part, you know there are three. A lot to watch and analyze.
There are many “exit door” from matrix, but a key to all of them is Attention.
What creates your today and tomorrow? – on what you focus your attention today. What you choose to focus on in each minute, creates next minute and hour. If you direct your attention consciously, you are consciously creating your own reality. If you are not conscious of it, somebody else directs your attention. Who? The system and people who profit from how this system is built. For the system, we are consumers, and speaking directly, slaves. In the first moment, this information wakes up an objection. It is normal. No one wants to be called a slave. But only if you look the truth in the eye, you will be able to direct your life consciously in order to stop being one.

So let’s focus only on Attention :).
Media, facebook, twitter, commercials, series, etc. – all this has a goal to suck inn mine and yours attention. I am not saying that all this is bad, because it is not. I am using facebook too. But let’s use everything consciously. Ask yourself: which emotions does given content brings in me? Is it programming me for a need of buying something what I don’t need/fear/jealousy/anger? If so, don’t watch it. If for some reason you have to, being aware of which emotions somebody wants to bring in you will make you aware of them. You will be able to observe instead of feeling them.
Let’s use various media with knowledge of a goal that we want to reach by using this or another medium.

Now let’s focus on what is really important to YOU.

Ask yourself here and now: “What is REALLY IMPORTANT to me?
What is important to my SOUL, which is my essence and comes from Mother Nature/Creator/The Source/God – however you would like to call it?
What REALLY should I be doing in my life?
What do I love to do and what would I like to do every day?
For what I REALLY came to this World?
You should focus you attention exactly on this thing.

If these questions are painful, if there are things that come in your way and you cannot realize yourself, you must first face it. Emotions which come are a litmus paper of your blockages and lessons. I we don’t remove the blockages and not learn the lessons, we may not graduate to a next class, which is behind the exit door from the matrix.
Behind that door, there is creating your life consciously. It does pay off to face your demons, to close the past and to be free. To live without fear. By telling the truth about yourself, about your past, you will not be afraid that someone will discover it. The truth sets free.
If we don’t face our shadow, we will not move further and deeper in our personal or spiritual growth.
Wounds are an opportunity for healing. They are road-signs of what is not yet cleaned up in you.
How to face a shadow? Fear, shame, guilt…
The best healer is Nature.
Go to a forest :). Why?
Nature is FULL of ATTENTION. This is what Nature is. It IS Attention.
The essence of Nature is life. This life loves you. Unconditionally. Threes, plants, flowers, water, beetles, ants, birds… they will help you in accepting your shadow. Invite your shadow to your heart. Imagine a couch in your living room, sit the shadow on it and offer it the best tea which you have at home. Ask the shadow what does it want to tell you. Our shadows/demons/fears/limiting beliefs/blockages are in us to help in learning the truth about ourselves.
There is another way too. I will tell you a personal story, how I removed such a blockage from my life.

Click here to watch the video.

If you watched the video, you know, that listening and accepting your limiting belief, makes it possible to go further and taking action. It may be opening your own business and being independent, starting a new relationship, or even coming out from a depression. The moment you do this, huge wings will grow on your back and you will believe in yourself. Impossible things will become possible. I know it from my own experience.
This is my wish for you :).

So there are many “exit door” from the matrix. Ingesting new information and knowledge, conscious life style, nutrition healthy for you and for the Planet, being in Nature, with animals, meditation, etc. And the keys to all this door are:

Pay attention to what you focus your Attention on
and where do you direct your energy.
Focus everyday on what is REALLY important to YOU. It takes only 15 minutes, 7 days a week, 100% concentration on what you love to do and you will see first changes and miracles taking place in your life. If thousands of people, including me experienced this, you will experience it too.

Meet and accept your limiting belief, do not eject it. 

1. Define it.
2. Ask yourself 4 questions, which I mentioned in today’s video (The Work by Byron Katie, on her web site you will find more information):
  1. Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to 3.)
      2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Yes or no)
      3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
      4. Who would you be without the thought? 

3. Sit your limiting belief on the couch in your living room and talk to it.
4. Listen to it’s message.
5. Remember the lesson.

That is all what I wanted to tell You today, Natalia.
Next “News from a New System” in the end of November! I can’t wait :)! I hope you cannot either ;).
In the meantime, we may have fun on … facebook, of course 😉 haha.
Let’s see how many of us already got rid of a TV set from home.
Comment if yes and if no, write why not under this post here.
See you!

I send Light, attention, only good emotions and thoughts.
I wish you a wonderful month!


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